Disposable medical gloves
Disposable medical gloves
The differences of disposable medical gloves

Disposable gloves are disposed of immediately after a single-use. They are used in numerous areas — in private households, in the food industry and cosmetics sector, in building cleaning, in clinics, practices, and medical facilities such as nursing services.

Latex gloves, nitrile gloves, or disposable vinyl gloves reduce the risk of infection of patients and staff in the medical field, protect against contamination with harmful substances in laboratories and prevent contact with chemicals or food contamination. Due to their frequent use, disposable gloves must have high skin compatibility and the best wearing properties. Here you can find information about glove types, their properties, and their uses. Yanimed is the expert and the doctors choice for all kind of medical gloves.

1. there are different types of disposable gloves

Disposable gloves protect against infectious and chemical exposure as well as…

Many pharmacy teams are currently working not only with face masks but also with protective gloves.

These are changed not only regularly but also frequently disinfected. But not all materials are stable against alcohol. Some people also have a latex allergy or cannot tolerate certain other substances in the glove. Wearing them also puts a strain on the skin: an occlusion effect softens the skin and can make it more prone to allergies. Depending on the area of application, the products have different AQL values. This value is significant when handling hazardous substances. Each material offers advantages and disadvantages — however, the pharmacy should pay attention to some factors when choosing gloves.

The most commonly used…

Yanimed Nitrile Gloves

Under the trade names Yaniblue, Yanisoft and Yanitouch we have successfully launched nitrile gloves for single use.

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